dog trailer reviewsToday we are going to review the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer that we are hearing some great feedback on.

If you want to include your dog on your bicycle outings in a safe and secure way then this could be ideal for you, the opportunity to go on longer bike rides and get to more interesting and out the way places with your dog is certainly doable with this versatile dog bike trailer.

This is designed for small dogs so this would be ideal if you want to exercise for longer while your dog relaxes and sees the sights! It would also be a good way of getting to your dog’s favorite spots without wearing him or her out before they get there. Read the rest of this entry

healthy dogIf you want your pet dog to live a long and healthy life then what your dog needs is pretty much the same as you a healthy diet and lots of exercise!

How old your lives too will also depend on the breed of dog, the world record was for a dog called Bluey who was an Australian Cattle Dog he lived to 29 Years and 5 months old.  There does seem to be some other contenders for the title but this is the one that the Guinness Book of Records mentions.

One thing to factor is that commonly the smaller the dog the longer the life, Cancer can also be common in certain dog breeds for instance boxers, golden retrievers, and Rottweiler’s.

Obviously if your dog has some genetic traits that might shorten its life there is little you can do to prevent this but if you feed your pet good food, give it lots of love and attention and regular exercise then you be sure that your dog lives as happy and healthy a life as you can possibly give it.


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Dog seat coverAre you planning on a road trip with your dog onboard? If so, then this seat cover might be your best bet, to make sure that your seats are well protected from possible scratches and dirt that can destroy your seat upholstery. Read this full review to learn more about this dog seat cover for your car.


 – Made of super lightweight material

– Very easy to install (fits almost all types of cars!)

– Waterproof

– Very durable

– Easy to clean as it is machine washable

– Material is has an anti-slip feature on leather & vinyl

– (2) Large storage pockets

– Zipper, so that a passenger can sit beside the pet

– Measures 59 inches x 57 inches

– Secured headrest straps

– Secured Velcro straps to make sure that no dirt will go to your seats

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Review of The Self-Warming Pet BedYour pet deserves a comfortable bed where he can take a luxurious nap time, and enjoy a very relaxing sleep.

Although dogs are covered with fur, this does not mean that this is enough to keep him warm during this cold and freezing season, so you have to make sure that his bed will keep him warm and relaxed.

 One of the nicest things that you can get for your dog this winter is a Self-Warming Pet Bed. Listed below are the features and some information that will show you why you need to get it. Read the rest of this entry

Dremel 7300-PTYour pet needs more than just shelter and food. They also need proper grooming, which is not only for the benefit of their health but for the people around the house as well.

Pet grooming can be expensive, especially if you have it done in pet salons and also can put stress on your dog.

But if you want to save on that expense and travel time, all you have to do, is purchase this Dremel 7300-PT 4.8-Volt Pet Grooming Kit, which is not only very functional, but easy to use as well. Read the rest of this entry